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​​​Home Staging is showcasing your home as a backdrop within which potential home buyers can picture the space as their own, Staging is creating an emotional connection and helping to get buyers to desire your home as their future home. It means making your home appeal to the widest variety of buyers possible to get the best results possible. Its about de cluttering, rearranging, and sometimes bringing certain features up to date to create warmth and personality.

Interior Redesign:

Bring Your Vision

​​​Design doesn't have to cost a fortune. At EMJ Design and Staging we believe has the experience, connections and style to bring your vision to life – on schedule and on budget. Whether its getting reorganized, transforming a space, or just making a few touches to help you love your home again!

What is Home Staging?

 At EMJ Design & Staging we understand how busy the day to day can get. We share your passion for livable design and will oversee the project from initial consultation to the final touch. We can help with simple ideas or full on space transformations We don’t rest until you’re delighted.


At EMJ Design & Staging LLC our mission is to optimize the value of your home by creating warm and inviting spaces future buyers and homeowners alike connect with on an emotional level.

Our designs help to decrease your homes time on the market as well as increase the final selling price of the home. More money in your pocket!

We provide our clients with the ultimate level of customer service and design expertise. Our design techniques, professional training, creative passion, and flat out love for what we do, ensure we deliver dwellings with possibilities every time!​